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Pure Glycerine Soap

Unscented, pure soap – no perfume, deodorant, colouring or preservatives. Recommended for those that have sensitive skin and fragrance allergies. Lathers easily and rinses completely. Quickly and completely biodegradable – ideal for cottages, camping, and septic systems.

Pure Bulk Glycerine is our original soap and still a best seller. It is called “bulk” because it was originally available in 13 kg slabs, which were hand cut into eight equal strips. Customers would come into the stores and the shopkeeper would custom cut the glycerine soap strips into the size of bar they would like; bulk glycerine soap is sold by weight.

Our Pure Bulk Glycerine soap is made by what we call “the hot process”. All the ingredients are heated in a big steam kettle. While still hot, we pour this mixture into large forms. The liquid soap cools for days turning into a “soft soap”. We remove the sides from the molds and hand cut the large slab into smaller pieces with piano wire. These slabs are then put through our “harp” which cuts them into standard 110g bars. Check our website and social media for pictures of this process!

My great Aunt Elsie had a “soap shelf” in the farmhouse pantry. The freshest soap was stored at the back of the shelf and the oldest bars were brought forward for use. The purpose was to let fresh soap dry for up to 6 months before using. “Dried soap lasts longer” she would say. As our glycerine soap ages and it dries, it lasts longer, lathers quicker, and gets a beautiful transparency. It is very biodegradable and very gentle. Hope you’ll try a bar.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Ricinus Comunis (Castor) Seed Oil, Sucrose, Glycerin